Build Your Own Pet Stairs, Ramps, and Steps Today: 15 DIY Ideas with Pictures


Pet stairs or ramps are an excellent way to give your older pet easy access to various parts of the house. Ramps and stairs are a great way to prevent pain and injury for pets who have difficulty climbing onto the sofa or bed, or in the car. The pre-made ramps and stairs for pets are often expensive, unsteady and difficult to find in the right size.

You can solve this problem by building your own pet ramps and stairs. They are inexpensive, can be customized to your specifications and can be a simple weekend project. We searched the web to find you the best ideas for pet stairs, ramps, and steps.


These 15 DIY pet stairs, ramps and steps plans are easy to follow.

Ana White’s Simple DIY Wood Steps

Image Credit: ana-white

Check Instructions Here

These steps are perfect for woodworkers. Even woodworking beginners can easily build these steps. You only need a few 2x4s and a dozen screws to create a set of beautiful steps for your dog!

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