A Guide to Traveling Stress-Free with Your Bearded Dragon



When planning for any move, vet visit, or trip that involves your bearded dragon it is wise to plan in advance and ensure the smoothest journey possible for them. Some beardies can become stressed with travel; use your best judgment when selecting which trip would best suit your own beardie and take steps that make sure everything runs smoothly! No matter why or when traveling takes place there are steps you can take that can ensure an easy and stress-free trip for both of you!

What Items Will Be Needed When Traveling with Your Bearded Dragon?

Prepare Your Bearded Dragon
Acclimating your bearded dragon to being handled and taken to different environments – even just within your house or yard – will help reduce stress from travel itself as well as daily handling. Spend some time getting familiar with its carrier so it feels familiar when travel time rolls around.

Prepare in Advance Be sure that everything needed for the journey is in place prior to traveling with your bearded dragon, like carriers and heat lamps. Make sure to pack enough food and water both at your destination as well as stops along the way that are suitable for beardies – this way no unforeseen emergencies arise along your travel route!

Pack Up Gather all the necessities and double check that everything has been included. Make sure all essentials as well as any additional things will be present for a safe trip or destination experience. When placing your bearded dragon into its carrier or box, be sure that there is substrate so any accidents won’t spread to other parts of his space.

Be Sure Your Bearded Dragon Is Safe
Safely secure the bearded dragon carrier to a seat in your car or place it on the floor so it doesn’t fall over or have anything land on top of it, then drive slowly with care in order to avoid sudden stops and stops.

Heat the Car
Before placing your bearded dragon inside, warm up the car so he or she won’t become too chilled. This will also provide additional time for its adjustment into its temporary environment.

Take Breaks
If you are traveling a long way with a bearded dragon, take time out of each journey to check on it and ensure the temperature in its carrier remains appropriate and that they remain comfortable and safe.

Final Thoughts
Traveling with your bearded dragon doesn’t need to be stressful for either of you! Preparation and planning are key when it comes to traveling, including familiarizing them with being handled and carriers for stress prevention and reduction. Enjoy your journey!

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