A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up an Aquarium


Fish keeping can be an enjoyable hobby that offers endless rewards, yet challenges must also be anticipated. Acquiring any new creature takes time and planning – whether that be a dog or fish! Saving both time and money means knowing exactly what you need before purchasing an aquarium; here is all you need to know.

Dividing Fishbowl
First Steps in Fish Keeping Decide the type of fish you would like for your aquarium and do extensive research before making a decision. Some types may not be appropriate for beginners or have specific tank requirements while other may clash with tank mates – all fish keepers don’t agree that every type is the perfect companion! All aren’t appropriate either if you are just getting started in this hobby!

Where Should You Begin When Establishing a Goldfish Tank_Piqsels
Fish like guppies and goldfish make ideal beginners fish keepers because they are resilient, entertaining fish that generally don’t present too steep of an educational learning curve. Unfortunately, these two fish don’t always make ideal tankmates as their temperature preferences differ widely and goldfish will eat anything, including baby guppy fry! In fact, large goldfish might even consume adult guppies!

If you need help getting started, visit forums or aquatic stores near your house and look at all the fish available; talk with employees, look at how different species behave in tanks, and narrow down your preferences before selecting tankmates that will thrive together.

Now Your Pet Needs an Aquarium/rodimov/Shutterstock
Once you’ve identified and researched the type of fish you’re interested in keeping, and become acquainted with their needs, you should have an accurate picture of the size and shape of tank they require. Each species of fish has different requirements – weather loaches will have far different requirements than neon tetras for instance!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to purchase an appropriate tank right away that can house all the size requirements of your fish, but you should have a plan in place when the time comes for a larger aquarium. A 3-inch weather loach may grow into a 10-inch behemoth before long! And this doesn’t include their friends since these species like being kept together! Don’t set yourself up for failure with your tank!

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