A Visual Guide to 10 Varieties of Garter Snakes: Morphs, Colors, and More (with Images)


Garter snakes, commonly referred to as garden snakes, are a widely distributed wild species in North America that can often be found near bodies of water such as gardens and near bodies like rivers, ponds and wetlands. There are roughly 75 different species and subspecies, making these small snakes adaptable enough for life in numerous environments.

Garter snakes are mildly venomous reptiles with backfanged bodies that pose no danger to humans. Commonly kept as pets, their bite only ever results in mild swelling and itching on occasion.

Due to all of the different species and subspecies of Garter snakes, there are many potential unique morphs; more are being discovered every day! In this article we highlight 10 well-known and stunning Garter Snake morphs; let’s get going!

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