Geckos can be found anywhere warm weather persists throughout the world, though they’re more common in tropical locations such as Hawaii and the Bahamas. While most geckos live in nature, many others make wonderful pets – geckos are especially beloved pets here in the US due to their peaceful and nonaggressive personalities; therefore they make excellent choices as pet companions for many reasons; including being great pet-sitters!

Here we explore why geckos make good companions. Across gecko pet ownership here divider-reptile_divider_reptile
Geckos Are Easy to Keep Alive Geckos make caretaking an effortless endeavor with just the need of heat lamps during the day and night and an aquarium heater (no misting required!). Additionally, these animals consume virtually any type of insect they are offered as food; all that’s required to keep them healthy and hydrated is providing bowls of water containing freshwater at regular intervals to rehydrate them!

Geckos Appreciate Being Handled
Geckos seem to enjoy being handled and picked up by humans; at the very least, they tolerate physical contact without becoming aggressive; they even enjoy spending time sitting on people or shoulders without trying to flee away as wild geckos do. Therefore, these creatures make excellent pet options for younger children who lack experience handling animals or who cannot manage a dog or cat as pets.

Pet Geckos Are Long-Lasting
Geckos have an expected lifespan of 20 years, which requires a long-term commitment from those considering owning one as a pet. Children won’t need to hear that their beloved gecko has died as it will probably outlive them; adults too can expect their gecko to remain part of their life for some time without worrying that it might suddenly pass on after only several years have gone by.

Geckos make great pets because of their cool appearance. While appearing scaly like snakes, their scales are actually smooth to the touch and feature large alert eyes with big pupils that seem to follow you wherever you go. Breeding for pet industry breeding programs allows geckos to come in many colors; their hue may change according to the environment they are in; for example they may turn green around grass but brown when on tree stump or rock surfaces.

Geckos Are Typically Healthy Animals
Geckos in captivity typically remain healthy; however, they can develop certain health conditions, including stomatitis and respiratory infections. Although such issues are rare, annual check-ups with an exotic animal veterinarian should ensure any potential issues can be diagnosed early and treated effectively – although most geckos in captivity will never experience serious health issues.

Final Thoughts Geckos make great pets; they are fun, beautiful, long-lived, easy-care creatures that anyone would enjoy having as part of their home. Pet shops all around are likely selling these intriguing reptiles if your local shop does not yet carry them; otherwise the next shop you visit likely does. Just ensure that before bringing home your new friend for the first time that an appropriate environment has been prepared for their care.

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