Bonding Guinea Pigs: Effective Methods for Introducing Them to Each Other


Guinea pigs make great family pets and serve as an excellent introduction to caring for an animal for children learning how to take on more responsibilities. Introducing another guinea pig into their environment may help prevent it from feeling lonely while also increasing exercise for both of them, leading to longer, happier lives overall. If you are thinking of adding another guinea pig into their environment, but are unsure how best to introduce two animals together into one cage at once, continue reading as we provide you with an easy step-by-step plan on how two can cohabitate happily in one cage together!

Best Guinea Pig Match
Opposite Sex
When adding another guinea pig to your cage, the first consideration you’ll need to make is its sex. For optimal results, we suggest getting one that matches that of the one already there; these pets reproduce quickly and can have up to seven babies at one time, which could quickly outnumber what you can manage! You could spay or neuter it at some cost; however this will require that both guinea pigs be separated for several weeks while it heals.

It can help ensure the two get along more harmoniously when one pet is significantly older than another; naturally, this will result in one becoming dominant without any form of dispute or rivalry arising between them.

Image Credits: Mateusz Sienkiewicz of Shutterstock.
It can be difficult to assess guinea pig personalities without living together for some time; two dominant males or females would likely have difficulty cohabitating; thus requiring two submissive or one dominant animal as roommates in order for these two pets to live peacefully together in one cage.

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