Discover 36 Intriguing and Entertaining Rabbit Facts You Were Unaware Of


Rabbits are captivating animals to see, with long ears, cottontails and charming hops that delight us all. But apart from looking cute, what else do we know about them? Domesticated rabbits can also make excellent pets; did you know there are over 180 breeds worldwide? Take a look at this list for even more rabbit facts that may surprise you!
Divider-rabbit2 mes 36 Fascinating Rabbit Facts: (in order) 1.Kitten/kits or babies of rabbits can also be known by name (instead of “kitty/kitty”. 4.A pet rabbit with one ear up is known by name). (a) Domesticated rabbits with one ear up can also be kept as pets!
Image Credit: Esi Grunhagen/Pixabay Adult female rabbits are called doe, while their male counterparts are known as bucks. Though some species share these terms, all bunnies count!

2.Rabbits live underground in the wild for safety from predators. They create intricate tunnel passageways for themselves, linking up their tunnels with those belonging to other rabbits to form large networks called warrens that they share and nest within.

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