Discover the 15 Most Loving Dog Breeds (Includes Photos)


Dogs are beloved companions and partners. The bond between canine and human runs deep; you share an extraordinary relationship. If you’re the affectionate type, show your dog just how you feel by lavishing lavishing him or her with attention – hoping that he or she returns it all the same way!

Not all breeds are known for being overtly affectionate; that doesn’t mean they don’t care. A dog can still show its affection through extreme loyalty without becoming overly affectionate – just like people. However, these 15 breeds are known for displaying it if you consider yourself highly affectionate; these could make an excellent companion choice!

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Are You Searching For Highly Affectionate Dog Breeds
Looking for highly affectionate pups? Well look no further. These 15 breeds are known for being extremely affectionate towards their family. From toy breeds to giant breeds, there’s sure to be one perfect for you among this list! No matter what breed best meets your preferences if affection is what you seek in a canine companionship partner – check it out now!

1.Golden Retrievers

for Male Owners by Golden Retriever Breeders (Golden-retrievers are commonly bred from Golden Retrievers that have male Golden Retrievers as parents).
Golden Retrievers are one of the most beloved breeds, thanks to their charming personalities and ease of training. Affectionate yet smart dogs, Goldens make great companions for kids while remaining calm when it comes to service work – two qualities which contribute greatly to their popularity. Image Credit: Helena Lopes/UnsplashWonderful Golden Retrievers are popularly used as service work dogs due to their outstanding qualities.

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgis on Pixabay
Image Credit: Pixabay Many small house dogs act like they have something to prove, with aggressive attitudes and ankle-biting antics; breeds like Chihuahuas can often be as annoying as they are adorable. But the Pembroke Welsh Corgi doesn’t hide any inner demons: these gentle souls remain friendly all of the time and are one of the most affectionate breeds around despite not needing as much love as other types.

Pugs have long been beloved companions for prominent figures, including royalty! Chinese emperors were particularly fond of these little dogs; indeed they became the mascot for Holland’s Royal House of Orange! While tiny in stature, Pugs pack an enormous amount of personality into their small bodies; always eager to join in whatever activity their owner is engaging in – these pups also love giving and receiving affection! Image Credit: Bobby Bradley/Shutterstock Whilst Pugs may be relatively common breeds today – their popularity remains immense! Chinese emperors especially loved these little fellows! Chinese emperors greatly valued these little dogs that made an appearance during royal court times! In addition to Royal House of Orange connections: Chinese Emperor Wuxi made these little guys famous when making his appearance! Whilst royal House of Orange used Pugs as part of its royal House. Small but muscular dogs that pack lots of personality into tiny bodies: both these breeds love receiving affection while giving back equal amounts.

4. Boxer “sitting on grass,” photo by Michal-Vitek for Shutterstock
Boxers are one of the most beloved breeds. As one of the eleventh most popular breeds in America, this athletic breed is well known for their athleticism, loyalty and work ethic – qualities which anyone who owns one knows are evident when caring for this pet.

5.Collie_4924546, Pixabay
Collies have long been beloved canines. Their faces and expressions exude intelligence, their long, flowing coats are stunning to look at and they share an incomparable bond with their owners that’s evident by affectionate behavior and supreme devotion from these animals. Another key reason many find these breeds so beloved is that of course their fierce devotion towards their owners – one reason being that these dogs’ are amongst one of the most loyal breeds around and the relationship they share between owners and them canines is deep.

6.Great Dane
Image Credit: Martin Tajmr/Pixabay Great Danes are an embodiment of gentle giants. Although among the biggest dogs on the planet, they’re also among the sweetest. Prefers affection over size – Great Danes don’t realize their own size as much as being world’s biggest lap dogs always trying to curl into smaller laps for comfort!

7. Pomeranian on Pixabay
Image Credits: Pixabay Long beloved by royalty and now one of America’s most beloved breeds, Pomeranians are alert and intelligent dogs with extraordinary intelligence. Easily trained, they make wonderful companions while boasting plenty of personality in their toy-like bodies. Lovers by nature, Pomeranians make wonderful companions; when seen carrying one in a purse it may well be a miniature Pomeranian!

8.Shih Tzu With Cone Paws
Image Credits: Ihar Halavach/Shutterstock Shih Tzu dogs are beloved companions known for their highly affectionate and outgoing natures. These playful pups make no bones about showing their appreciation of their owners; lap dogs through and through, Shih Tzus are lap-dogs at heart who adore cuddling up on laps! Due to their large personalities yet small stature (they have been called “lion dogs”) these special little guys have long been considered one of mankind’s premier companions!

9.Bulldogs [Black17BG_Pixabay]
Image Credit: Black17BG/Pixabay At first glance, Bulldogs may not seem inviting, but once you witness one in action you know there are few things more adorable in life. These dogs are compact yet muscular with attractive faces encased by loose skin folds; they form strong bonds with family members and prefer being on top rather than beside you.

10 Chihuahuas from Tamara Bellis Unsplash
Image Credits: Tamara Bellis/Unsplash
Chihuahuas may appear intimidating at first, suffering from small dog syndrome and trying to act much larger than they are. But once home with their owners, these dogs display entirely different temperaments: loving, affectionate companions that want to go everywhere with you!

11. Bichon Frise_Vladimir Nenezic of Shutterstock
Bichon Frise dogs resemble sheep in some ways with their puffy, curly white coats, known for being charismatic companions that will keep you laughing with their constant antics. Their hypoallergenic coats add another reason for their popularity – these affectionate pups get along great with just about everyone they come into contact with and are affectionate towards those they care for most.

12.Pit Bulls for Adoption at Pawsitively Spoilt 5 on Pixabay
Image Credits: PawsitivelySpoiled5, Pixabay
Pit Bulls can often be restricted breeds in rental properties and apartment complexes for fear that they are an aggressive breed. Of course, anyone who’s owned a Pit Bull knows otherwise – these beloved pups are one of the most affectionate and loving breeds known. They seek affection from family members constantly and would lick anyone willingly! Generally, their only real danger lies within them being allowed into an environment!

13Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Image Credit: Pixabay
As America’s 18th most popular canine breed, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have become beloved companions. Small in stature (weighing around 15 pounds on average), these gentle creatures are beloved pets due to their friendly dispositions and adaptable personalities that fit seamlessly with modern lifestyles.

14.Newfoundland Dog–YAN WEN_Shutterstock
Newfoundlands are large dogs that can weigh up to 150 pounds, yet remain gentle and affectionate companions for children. With their bear-like stature comes a gentle demeanor despite their massive stature; even their bear-like stature doesn’t stop these amazing dogs from being sweet with kids, earning the moniker “nanny dog.” Famously known for its calm temperament and easy training process, Newfoundlands offer unfailing loyalty to their family and are easy to train too!

15.Labradoodle/Josh Borup/Pixabay
Image Credit: Josh Borup/Pixabay Labrador Retrievers are one of America’s most beloved breeds, while Poodles are widely considered one of the smartest. When combined, you have an extraordinary companion pet with hypoallergenic coat. Their super-affectionate temperament has also become highly desirable as people take great pleasure from this loving animal that never seems content lying its head anywhere other than your lap!

These 15 breeds represent some of the most affectionate dogs on the market today and would make great pets for anyone seeking love and affection from their pooch. But these four less affectionate breeds might not be right for everyone – while still great pets, these four won’t show their affection through kisses and cuddles as often.

1. Afghan Hound, Capri23auto from Pixabay
Afghan Hounds have long been recognized by the AKC as being a breed for special people, due to their non-affectionate temperament and inherent characteristics of this breed. Though, these dogs love their family deeply and display incredible loyalty; just don’t expect too much affection in return!

2.Shar-Pei (style81 on Pixabay )
Shar-Peis are some of the most distinctive dogs in the canine kingdom, known for their athletic and muscular build and foldover ears with loose skin flaps around their necks, much like bulldogs but boasting tall legs and large bodies. Additionally, these breeds are well-known for their independent nature; which makes them excellent guard dogs but makes them less-than-affectionate with their owners.

3.Chow Chow _VKarlov_Shutterstock
Image Credits: VKarlov and Shutterstock
Hailing from China, Chow Chows are ancient and noble-looking dogs with interesting aesthetic features such as their loose skin around their faces that rolls down over time to form prominent rolls around their eyes. Though not often showy with affection, these intelligent canines remain loyal companions that show affection through smart behavior instead.

4.Shiba Inu
Shiba Inus have become immensely popular as they make waves on social media sites like Instagram. These adorable pups boast adorable expressions and personalities to rival any dog breed imaginable! While Shiba Inus make wonderful pets, but these Japanese breeds behave differently from many Western ones when it comes to showing affection – instead choosing not to doggy cuddle and hug their owner as often. However, that can come as an unpleasant surprise to new Shiba Inu owners who were led to believe their dog didn’t love them!

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Dogs are just as diverse as humans; different breeds can exhibit widely differing personalities and temperaments. Though individuals within any given breed may show variations, most members still share certain personality traits associated with that breed as a whole. Of the 15 breeds on this list are noted for having affectionate personalities that give and receive love freely with their owners; so if you’re seeking a pet who shares your sense of affection then these 15 might just be right!

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