A Comprehensive Guide on Determining the Age of Your Bearded Dragon in 2023


As with other animals, baby bearded dragons require more specialized diets and care routines than adults. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to provide this care without knowing exactly when your dragon was born; age determination can be especially tricky with reptiles like beardies.

There are several things you can do to estimate or ascertain the age of your bearded dragon, making life easier for both you and them. We will discuss different methods to calculate his or her age so that you can provide optimal care for them.

Contacting the Breeder
In order to gain an accurate age estimation, it’s best to reach out directly to the breeder. They know when your dragon was hatched and can therefore give an exact date when giving you an age estimate.

However, this can be challenging as not all pet stores provide information about who their breeder is; making it hard for buyers to contact them. Furthermore, breeders may struggle to identify your specific beardie as sometimes there’s not enough data available that allows them to track them back to you from where it came.

Know Who You’re Purchasing From

Sometimes the store you purchase from can provide age information. Unfortunately, this may not always be possible as some do not keep records of dragon ages; however, they may provide the date they received the animal and help you calculate its age now. Sometimes even more accurately – if an animal comes with papers from its breeder – then this date may also be known by them.

At times, this may be difficult. Some individuals will possess detailed information on their dragon, including health information. Others will have less detailed data. Some stores also provide contact details of breeders.

Measure Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons tend to develop at roughly the same pace, which allows you to use their size as an indication of age if they’re under one year. Once they hit one year, however, this method becomes less helpful and should instead be conducted using a measuring tape while your bearded dragon is preoccupied by something else.

Here is a short chart that can help you measure the length of your bearded dragon. Although most breeds grow at similar rates, this method won’t always work perfectly as some varieties grow at different rates than expected – especially for beardies kept improperly which won’t necessarily fit this chart either!

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