Proper Technique for Handling a Bearded Dragon (With Video Tutorial)


Bearded dragons make wonderful pets from the reptile kingdom, being both docile, sizable, and enjoyable companions. While some reptiles can be difficult to handle in captivity, bearded dragons are easily handled as they don’t present any issues when being held.

However, it’s still essential that you pick up your dragon using proper technique in order to prevent injuring it. With proper handling techniques in place, picking up dragons of any size – from babies up to large beasts – should be perfectly safe.

We will go through all the steps necessary for picking up your dragon safely, with video tutorials providing visual guidance. In just moments, you will be ready to pick it up safely!

When picking up your bearded dragon, steps must be taken to ensure its safety as well as that of both yourself and your pet. When picking your pet up correctly, no worries need to arise about harm being done to either of you; but, should anything go amiss, harm could come to either. So when picking up your pet dragon make safety your top priority.

Do Not Get Bites!
Your greatest risk when handling a dragon is getting accidentally bit by it. Though most dragons are generally peaceful creatures that do not bite often, if approached incorrectly it could scare it and prompt a reaction bite that’s ultimately your responsibility and not its.

One easy way is by approaching your dragon from its front or side – not from above – with your hand, so they can see clearly what is going on. Sneaking up behind or scaring it can cause them to bite accidentally!

Support Your Dragon’s Body

Safety for both you and your dragon should always come first, with only part supporting their bodies causing more harm to them than providing full support. Incorrect handling could result in both parties suffering a minor bite when improperly picking them up; you could cause much worse harm by mishandling or incorrectly picking up. To protect both of you from further injury when picking up their bodies incorrectly. When picking them up it is vital that all parts of their bodies receive full support; supporting only part could endanger its wellbeing.

One Hand or Two?
When lifting young dragons such as juveniles or babies, one hand should usually suffice – as their size is likely much smaller than that of your hand at this stage. But picking up adult dragons may require two; adult sizes tend to be much larger. Of course, this depends on both your hand size as well as that of the dragon – some people may manage with one-handed lifting only; it is wiser not to take unnecessary risks when lifting large ones such as adults – so use two if needed if need be!

What If Your Dragon Is Picked Wrongly?

As mentioned above, picking up your dragon improperly could harm both parties involved. Though beardies tend to be gentle creatures, approaching it from above might result in an unexpected bite on your hand from this unlikely predator.

Are You Wondering about Your Dragon? When picking it up incorrectly, picking up the dragon could potentially injure it by not supporting its entire body and may also cause discomfort that will prompt it to try wriggling away, leading to it dropping itself onto the ground and possibly suffering damage.

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