Ferret Pricing at PetSmart: A Comprehensive 2023 Guide


Ferrets are domestic species related to European polecats and weasels, making them popular as pets in households worldwide. Ferrets feature adorable faces adorned with distinctive markings of brown, black and white fur – they make ideal pets if the right owner comes along; playful yet intelligent pets who prefer sleeping make these low maintenance companions suitable for busy lifestyles.

Ferrets range in cost depending on breeding, location, housing costs, food costs and supplies required – these costs must also be factored into your total. Unfortunately not every pet store sells ferrets so you won’t be able to simply walk into PetSmart and pick out one from there.

What are the prices of ferrets at PetSmart? Well, to be honest, PetSmart doesn’t sell ferrets at all – only small mammals such as hamsters and mice are available across locations across the U.S. However, they do provide plenty of ferret supplies, including cages, toys, food, bedding etc.

PetSmart made the decision not to sell ferrets due to the care needed in keeping them and the potential impact they can have on other small animals in its care.

As previously noted, ferrets are related to weasels – predatory mammals – which make them potential preditors of other animals sold at pet stores, including rodents, birds, snakes and reptiles. Even when kept at a distance, ferrets emit strong scents that other animals can smell which may cause stress or anxiety in other creatures.

Stressed animals don’t make good pets.

Where Can I Purchase a Ferret? Large chain pet stores such as Petco sell ferrets. Additionally, independent stores may sell ferrets, as do breeders and sellers that specialize in ferrets like most animals do.

If you decide to purchase your ferret from one of these stores, like Petco, be mindful of why PetSmart opted not to sell them. If there is concern over the care needed and wellbeing for other animals being sold there in comparison with what Petco sells then that should help guide your decision as to whether this environment would provide optimal conditions for a ferret.

Stores who do not prioritize animal or owner health will likely provide no special treatment or better care to their ferrets, based on history or breed type alone. Not all ferrets are created equal – success with these pets depends heavily upon selecting healthy, friendly animals in the first place.

Are There Any Ferrets Available to Adopt at Rescues? Ferrets make excellent pets, but many owners don’t understand exactly what they are buying themselves into when purchasing one – leading them to end up at rescue organizations, shelters or community rehoming sites in search of homes.

Ferrets produce strong odors due to their musky scent, and are notorious for being adept escape artists. If they get out, they could steal valuables like car keys and wallets before hiding them somewhere you might never expect.

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