Vaccination Shots for Ferrets: A Guide to What They Need


Caring for a ferret requires regular visits to a veterinarian and annual vaccinations against canine distemper and rabies – two serious medical conditions in ferrets that need protecting from. Let’s examine more why vaccines are necessary.

How Many Vaccines Do Ferrets Require? Annual vaccination against canine distemper and rabies vaccination are both strongly suggested for ferrets.

Rabies is an infectious viral disease every pet owner should fear as it is transmitted between animals and people, which makes ferrets susceptible. Rabies vaccination should begin between 12 weeks of age (though some veterinarians will wait a few days if necessary) and one year from its initial dose; annual booster shots are then necessary.

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Canine Distemper
Your ferret needs protection against canine distemper, another viral disease they will need vaccinating against. Your pet should receive three shots during its first year – around 6-8 weeks old for their initial vaccination, 10-12 weeks later as a booster and 14-16 weeks as the third booster shot – over their first year and should continue receiving annual booster shots thereafter for as long as your ferret remains alive.

As a ferret owner, your vet is in charge of selecting and administering vaccinations to your furry companion. At present there are two approved vaccines against rabies for ferrets in the USA as well as one against canine distemper.

Each vaccine is well-known by knowledgeable ferret veterinarians, so if recommended by other ferret owners or local shelters you can easily gather more information in a clinic near your location. They will explain when, where, and which vaccines will be given.

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