Hedgehog Size Guide: How Large Can Hedgehogs Grow? (Including Growth Chart)


Hedgehogs may seem unlikely pets, yet their unique appearance and adorable faces have quickly made them one of the most in-demand creatures today. Hedgehogs possess short legs with cone-shaped bodies. As mammals, their flexible fur is covered with spiked quills – some even cover more surface area than others! Hedgehogs come in various shades of black, brown and white fur; many varieties even bear stripes! With such small quills come many questions regarding newborn sizes vs how big some reach full maturity – even small children might wonder about.

Facts About Hedgehogs
While more people are purchasing hedgehogs as pets, most still do not understand much about these unusual pets. Perhaps some of these common facts about hedgehogs will surprise you!

Initial studies dubbed hedgehogs after their activities. Hedgehogs are known for rooting through hedges and undergrowth to find their favorite food sources – insects, worms, snails and amphibians such as insects. Hedgehogs possess approximately 5,000 quills which last about one year before falling out and needing replacing; their spikes also remain hollow and flexible and only remain upright through muscle action from within their bodies.

Hedgehogs tend to be solitary animals in the wild. They usually only meet with another hedgehog when trying to mate; litter sizes can range between one and seven hoglets with four to five being typical. Though we know of 17 different hedgehog species, not all are suitable as pets.

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