Hedgehogs: Nocturnal Creatures and Their Vision in the Dark


Hedgehogs make wonderful and entertaining pets that bring much laughter into their owners’ lives. However, being naturally nocturnal animals themselves, their day usually starts around the time you sit down for dinner.

Many hedgehog owners can attest to hearing their pet hedgehog scurry around in its cage at nighttime, playing and scurrying around playfully in its cage. Since hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, many assume they can see at night. Scientists still debate this subject though and so it remains uncertain whether hedgehogs possess sufficient night vision.

Continue reading for important details every hedgehog owner should know regarding nocturnal hedgehog lifestyle and vision in low light environments.

Nocturnal Activity
Hedgehogs tend to remain asleep during the daytime. Their natural instinct is to forage for food at night when natural predators cannot easily see them, and this trait carries through into domesticated hedgehogs; even though they no longer hunt, they remain active at nighttime.

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