Top 5 Pet Birds for Novice Owners (Including Images)


Birds make wonderful pets. Each species of bird offers something special in terms of personality – that’s the beauty of it all!

Requiring less care and maintenance than other pets such as dogs or cats, birds tend to be more independent; thus you don’t need to interact with them as often. But should you decide to add one of these feathered friends into your family, you will surely enjoy their companionship for many years!

Here is a list of the top five bird species suitable as pet birds for beginners looking for their first pet bird.

1.Conures (sun-conures) for Beginners.
Image Credit: SHAWSHANK61, Pixabay Conures are an umbrella term encompassing various species of small parrots found throughout South and Central America. Their name derives from Portuguese term “conuro,” which translates as parrot in English. There are various species of conures found across this region including Green-cheeked Conure, Lilac-crowned Parakeets, Jenday Conures with Sunburst Conures, Nanday Parakeets among many others.

Conures make excellent pets because they speak well and are energetic. Their lifespan exceeds 30 years, giving you plenty of time to bond with them. Unfortunately, due to being larger birds (averaging 15 inches long), conures require a large cage or aviary where they can move freely around freely.

Conures require a diet consisting of hard-shelled fruits, raw veggies and pellets for nutrition. Because they’re highly messy birds, be prepared to spend some time cleaning their cage or aviary; but if this doesn’t bother you then this could be your ideal bird! For best results always leave fresh water available for them so they can drink freely throughout their habitat.

Training contul Training your conure should also be straightforward. Just ensure it has an uncluttered environment where it can concentrate, such as without distractions such as clickers. They have plenty of smarts when it comes to picking up tricks with these basic training tools.

Some conures can be taught to mimic human speech, dance when given appropriate toys, and much more!

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