Training Pet Birds for Cage-Free Living and Preventing Flight Escapes


One of the saddest aspects of bird ownership for any owner is a bird’s inability to fly freely. After all, birds were meant to soar high into the skies and enjoy life from above – something your domesticated bird may never get to experience! You might begin to question if cage life will remain permanent.

Before we delve into the disadvantages, it’s important to acknowledge that certain breeds can spend part of their day out of an enclosure; however, your bird should always have its own place containing essential items and the necessary amenities (divider-birdcage).
Why Should Birds Live Free From Cages? mes Imagine yourself as an aerialist equipped with beautiful wings designed to soar over the trees of Earth. However, suddenly you find yourself locked up inside an enclosed cage through wire bars; none of your freedoms remain; you spend much of your time alone. This scenario should make us question why any bird would choose life inside an enclosure of such small dimensions as an unsuitable home for them!

Doesn’t this look like fun to you? Your bird probably wouldn’t think so either, yet some species must live in some type of enclosure if they are part of your pet family.

Selecting species you can let roam freely will benefit both them and yourself; their cage should serve as a place of restfulness and harmony, rather than restriction.

Image Credits: Richard Bernico/Pixabay
Bird Species to Keep Caged
There is an incredible variety of bird species on Earth. Avian enthusiasts often have strong preferences about which birds best fit into their homes and this list doesn’t cover every possible species – however it provides you with a general indication as to which ones would best suit cage-free living environments.

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